Potluck Boskombuis, Mpumalanga

Apart from its magnificent setting alongside the Treur River, along with quirky décor in the restaurant, the braai-style fare is delicious with generous portion sizes to boot. Eating in the bush has never been so charming!

Where is it?
Off the R532 just outside Graskop in Mpumalanga. Look out for the Potluck Kombuis sign next to a wall with Day Break on it - drive too fast and you may have to make a u-turn!  

Why go there?
A rustic restaurant in the bushveld overlooking a river makes for a good day out along the Mpumalanga Panorama Route, not to mention that the food (served on tin plates) is delicious braai-style fare.  

How much am I going to pay?
Main dishes range from R50 to R100, side salads cost R30 each, dessert of the day R35 and a kiddies meal costs R50. The portions are generous and a side salad can easily be shared between three or four people. They also serve coffee, tea or hot chocolate (R20), soft drinks (from R15), local beers and ciders (R20) and wine by the glass (R25) and bottle (R90).

When is it open?
Every day from 10h00 to 15h00.  

Is there WiFi?
No and there’s barely any cellphone reception either. Enjoy your meal while chatting to your friends or family. Take a walk along the river… explore!

Contact details
Telephone 073 705 4734 / 071 539 6773

When you get out of your car at Potluck Kombuis you are greeted by yellow grass swaying in the breeze, while the Treur River gently bubbles along in the background. Take a deep breath of the fresh Mpumulanga air before stepping through the entrance and turning the corner, where you’ll find a bush-whacky restaurant nestled against rocks and under a thicket of trees. Here the smell of the African bush is replaced by the appetite-inducing smells of sizzling boerewors on the fire, alongside coffee being boiled in giant enamel teapots, while pots of pap simmer on an Aga stove. Welcome to Potluck Kombuis - Mpumulanga’s best-kept bush-dining secret.

Apart from the magnificent bushveld setting, the restaurant itself is absolutely delightful. Seating is provided in the form of tree stumps and the crockery consists of enamel plates and mugs. A buffalo skull stares at you from a tree bough while the rest of the décor includes hanging tin plates and bowls, succulents in rusty containers on well-worn wooden tables and a few pieces of local art. All of this set around boulders and in sand makes for the perfect place to enjoy a meal while enjoying the view!

As there is no electricity, all the food is cooked over a fire or on the Aga stove, so you can expect real good, lekker braai fare! Choose from ribs, steaks, boerewors & pap and chicken kebabs, along with potjie and bobotie. Vegetarians can tuck into the vegetarian bake (layers of mielie pap, sheba and vegetables with melted cheddar cheese), while kids can enjoy a boerewors roll with tomato sauce and a milk drink. The side salads were my favourite and you cannot leave without trying the red cabbage & carrot salad with a citrus dressing or the potato salad with parsley and mayonnaise dressing. (Note: I am not a huge salad fan, so if I recommend a salad, then you know it must be good!) It’s going to be difficult as the portions are very ample, but try remember to leave room for the dessert of the day…

After lunch take a stroll along the banks of the Treur River (which means Mourning River, named by relatives of Hendrik Potgieter during a Voortrekker expedition in 1844), indulge in a nap on one of the giant flat rocks while the river bubbles past you, or simply bask in the afternoon sun while taking in the colours and sounds of the bush.  You are going to have a tough time trying to leave!

Inside information
The toilet facilities at these rustic spots are often scary places. The toilet at Potluck Kombuis at first appears that way, but it’s really not bad for a long-drop! Don’t stress - a toilet bowl is provided, but I recommend you don’t look down. Relax and enjoy the breeze! Then wash your hands at the rather unique basin and towel provided.