Four Cousins Restaurant, Robertson

Four Cousins have a whole new range on offer that you can enjoy at their cool new spot in Robertson. Thereís wine, whisky, craft beer, fun wine pairings, good food and the kids will have a ball too.

Where is it?
Kromhout Street, Robertson. Itís on your left as you enter Robertson (coming from Cape Town) - you canít miss it.  

Why go there?
Opened in October 2016, itís home to the entire Four Cousins range (one-stop-shop), along with other locally-sourced products. You can also enjoy wine, whisky and beer pairings, tuck into a plate of good food and even watch the rugby while the kids have a ball outside in the playground.  

How much am I going to pay?
Wine tasting R20 (four wines), wine pairings R55 and a large selection of dishes on the menu averaging at R100.

When is it open?
Every day of the year, except on Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Yearís Day.
Monday to Friday 08h30-17h00, Saturdays 09h30-15h30, Sundays 1h00-15h00 and 09h30-16h30 on public holidays.

Contact details
Telephone (023) 615 1505,

Most of us started our journey into wine with a cheap 1.5 litre bottle of Four Cousins sweet red or white! But like most of us, Four Cousins has been on a journey when it comes to wine. They now have a whole new range on offer (including whisky and craft beer) and they also have a cool new spot that you can visit that makes for a great pitstop on any journey that takes you through Robertson.

The Four Cousins Restaurant opened in October 2016 in a gigantic modern building where sunshine streams through massive windows, and you are greeted with beaming smiles from everyone. Thereís a shop where you can purchase bottles of wine, whisky, craft cider and craft beer from the Four Cousins range, along with a selection of locally-sourced products, including the Olyfberg range of creams and olive oils. Apart from shopping, you can choose from a selection of wine tasting platters at very reasonable prices, tuck into a hearty meal, relax with a glass of wine on one of their couches, or sit at the bar with a pint of their on-top Boet Beers.

Their wine tasting and pairing options come in many different options with kids and non-drinking grown ups also being included.  Thereís also a Boet Beer and a Fiver Party Platter available if you prefer to go that route. If you donít fancy a pairing, you are welcome to try four of the Four Cousins range of wines for R20.

  • The Sparkling Wine Pairing (R55) includes four sparkling wines with Melrose cheese, Camembert and green fig on Melba toast, a pepper cheese and a strawberry meringue.
  • The Skinny Pairing (R55) sees three of the Four Cousins Skinny range (low alcohol and low in kilojoules) paired with chocolate coated nuts, a cranberry health bar and a bowl of pistachio nuts.
  • The Family Pairing (R55) is a fun one! The original Four Cousins range is paired with a selection of nostalgic favourites Ė Licorice Allsorts, Turkish Delight, a Strawberry Whirl, a Breakfast Biscuit and an iced Zoo Biscuit.
  • The Fan Platter (R55) sees four of their famous wines with Rose Granita, biltong, fudge and chocolate.
  • The Olyfberg Pairing (R55) has olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olive tapenade and a bowl of olives paired with the Singles range.
  • Whisky lovers can indulge in a Scottish Cousin Pairing (R55) with nougat, toffee and a Sweetie Pie.
  • The Zari Platter (R55) is perfect for non-drinkers or the designated driver! The Zari non-alcoholic range can be enjoyed with smoked cheese, peri-peri cashews, Brie cheese and a slice of Cranberry nougat.
  • The Kiddies Platter (R35) will make the little ones feel very grown up as they quaff non-alcoholic grape juices with a selection of sweets.

If you fancy having a more substantial meal, you can choose to sit either in the posher part, or you can enjoy a more casual affair with big screen TVs (they both serve the same menu). The more casual section is closest to the playground, so itís favoured by families with children and dads who want to catch the rugby. There are also long comfy couches if you feel like reclining after your meal and third glass of wine! Or sit at the bar and enjoy a glass of Four Cousins wine, or a pint of their on-tap Boet Beer.

When it comes to food, thereís something for everyone, whether you fancy a small nibble or a large plateful. The menu includes a delicious range of flatbreads, starters (think calamari, mussels, beef croquettes and deep-fried Camembert), burgers, pizzas, steaks with various sauces and side dishes, fish and chips, pot pies, chicken dishes, vegetarian dishes, decadent desserts, cheese platters and a kiddies selection. I can highly recommend the lamb shank!

With so much on offer, you are likely to be in the company of the Four Cousins for while! So donít plan on just popping in en-route somewhere, rather allow time to enjoy yourself and relax. Youíll be in good company and you may just bump into one of the four cousins whoíll be only to happy to stop and chat for a while.

Ouma Jeanís Sweetcorn Fritters
Youíll find this recipe framed on the wall alongside all the family photos. It was obviously a legendary recipe and I thought it was very cool, so am sharing it with you! Being a sharing and caring family, I donít think theyíll mindÖ think of all the times this mustíve been made!

500g self-raising flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 eggs, beaten
2 x 340g tins of sweetcorn
3 cups milk

Mix together and fry in deep oil.

Then enjoy with a glass of Four Cousins wine!

Published February 2017